2017 Himalayan Health & Hearing AGM

Date: 12TH FEBRUARY 2017

MINUTES of AGM and Agenda          Date held:    Sunday February 12th 2017

Venue:  Offices of HH&H, Whitsunday Hearing, 6 Island Drive Cannonvale Qld  4802

Commencement Time:                       1300 hrs

Meeting Ended:                                  1410 hrs

Attendance in person:           lew and Sue Tuck

Attendance by SKYPE:          Keshab Dangol – Nepal

Attendance by phone:           Katie White, John Formosa, Robyn Corrigan, Debbie Leigh.

Procedural Voting:

All motions  

  1. Minutes of AGM 2016

Motion that they be “Accepted as read”  Moved Lew Tuck         Seconded Katie White

  1. Election of Officers

All outgoing office-bearers are thanked for their contributions over the last year.

We especially welcome and THANK two new additions to our team- like minds- from whom we can exchange ideas and surely benefit from their experience

  1. Coalition for Global Hearing Health – Jackie Clark PhD Co-Organizer, Coalition for Global Hearing Health Conference Co-Founder, Coalition for Global Hearing Health

Jackie is also the President-Elect, American Academy of Audiology ,Clinical  Professor, School of Behavioral & Brain Sciences, UT Dallas/Callier Center,Research Scholar; U. Witwatersrand; Johannesburg, S Africa and Managing Editor,  International Journal of Audiology

  1. Musicians4Hearing – Siobhan and Jade – young, keen with good heart- the stuff our future is made of!


President:      Sue Tuck        Proposed: Katie white   Seconded: lew Tuck

Secretary:      Lew Tuck        Proposed: Sue Tuck     Seconded: Katie White

Treasurer:      Robyn Corrigan          Proposed: lew Tuck    Seconded: Sue Tuck


Management Committee member / Legal

John Formosa Proposed: Lew Tuck  Seconded: Sue Tuck

Management Committee member / Media

Katie White   Proposed:       lew                   Seconded:      Sue Tuck

The inner circle of consultants to the management committee – (they will be circulated with all management committee relevant issues)

Inner circle member / Program Evaluation Advisor:

Dr Debra Setterlund Proposed:      Katie   Seconded:      Sue Tuck

Inner circle member / Health Advisor

Debbie Leigh  Proposed:       Katie               Seconded:      Sue      Tuck

Inner circle member / NAHOH representative

Keshab Dangol           Proposed:       lew                   Seconded:      Sue Tuck

Inner circle member / Like Minds ;-

  1. Musicians4Hearing – Siobhan and Jade Proposed:       lew                   Seconded:      Sue Tuck
  2. Coalition for Global Hearing Health – Jackie Clark PhD Co-Organizer, Coalition for Global Hearing Health Conference Co-Founder, Coalition for Global Hearing Health

Proposed:       lew                   Seconded:      Sue Tuck


2: Presidents Report

Motion: That the Presidents report be adopted previously circulated. Moved Lew Tuck, Seconded Katie White

Discussion:      All agreed with the account of the previous year as stated in the report.

3: Auditor’s report

Motion: The meeting Adopt Auditor’s report, and that our auditor, Graeme Herd should be thanked for his timely report.: Proposed:         Lew tuck         Seconded:             Sue tuck

Financial report year 2016 was circulated prior to the meeting. There were no questions relating to the report.

Discussion: This year we shall not have the large equipment and vehicle expenses, as we would not buy any major equipment unless we gained sponsors prior to the purchase. Application has been submitted to “Hear the World Foundation”

4: Correspondence as circulated to committee by email during the year:

Discussion: Relevant discussions concerning correspondence during the year was held, when circulated. There being no further business carried to the AGM

5: Budget

The budget for 2017 will be in line with expenses in 2016- as per the 2016 financial report – page 1 i.e.. $56,000. As outlined above, all major new equipment purchases shall have sponsors prior to purchase.

  1. 2016_ we spent more than we earned! Lew was too busy with new projects in the last half of the year to raise extra funds. Our head is still above water and with reasonable fund raising this year, our goals will be met.
  2. We have 4 accounts, a general one in Australia, a “DGR” account for tax deductible donations and a working acct in Nepal, and another in India.
  3. We have made a car payment this year, – $5000 off our loan – now $37, 491
  4. An audited report will be available by request, and details will also be held by ACNC- Australian Charities Not-for-profits Commission. We proudly qualify to display their ‘Registered charity TICK’


Administration costs:   ONLY 1.6% of funds raised spent on admin in Australia (Bank fees, insurance and some promotion material) We thank our volunteers, Whitsunday Hearing and Phoenix Design for covering all other admin costs!

8: Newsletters

Discussion:      general consensus was that newsletters are achieving their goal of informing our members, keeping up the flow of support and donated hearing devices. They are all published in the ACAud magazine, an Australian Professional Audiological association..

9: Website


We thank Katie for being responsible for our vibrant website!  It tells our story so well, and ensures continued support!

  1. Keshab’ s ear camps (in general with Shechen C&H medical team) are posted weekly. These are transferred to Facebook.

10: General Business

The President’s report should be referred to as a clear picture of how and why we work so hard for the benefit of those unable to access the care and services we provide.

Fund raising

  1. Annual returns to statutory bodies will be sent after AGM. (require the addition of the minutes)
  2. This year we will continue local presentations of our program – MACKAY with John Formosa, Probus Whitsunday and Lions Whitsunday. Sue also talked to Zonta in Bowen
  3. We are now members of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health. Katie and lew prepared an abstract which Angmo (India manager) and lew presented in Manila (Sponsor- Whitsunday Hearing)
  4. Lew will go to this year’s conference also- again sponsored by Whitsunday Hearing.
  5. Sue has noted that an Audiological student has made her own arrangements to work with Keshab’s Kathmandu programs. Sue will follow up with her to foster an on-going interest and support for our program by the student.

Project discussion

  1. Katie and Sue continue to review the volunteer’s policy…emphasising how assistance can be given in Australia. Overseas volunteers for our training program should be prepared to make multiple visits over the years ahead!
    1. Local fund raising – fun runs, stalls etc
    2. Sending donated hearing aids that have been checked and are fully operational
  • Checking & programming aids
  1. This year we will maintain our KTM regional programs, and outreach programs as follows:

March 2017-NEPAL – Lumbini, Dhanusha, and Saptari – 3 weeks plus ‘on the road’

July 2017- INDIA-Ladakh, Saboo Institute and then Ladakh Nuns Association new clinic

November 2017 – NEPAL Dhanusha and Saptari – 3 weeks


11: Close of meeting:      1410 hrs.

Lew……….Secretary Himalayan Health & Hearing

PO Box 599         Cannonvale Qld 4802      PH: +61 7 49464906