Friends of Himalayan Health & Hearing

The Friends of Himalayan Health & Hearing was created as an informal avenue by which to offer compassionately based, independent support for disadvantaged persons who need a “lift up” to get them (or keep them) going on a sustainable path.

These activities are funded independently and not part of the formal Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc. A separate bank account has been established for donations to the Friends of HH&H.
These funds are not subject to application for tax concessions, but of course are documented for transparency’s sake. They are not included in Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc. accounts.
Donations are always welcome and can be made through our Paypal account.

Some of the Friend’s Activities

Individual Assistance

Assistance for individuals is considered on a person by person basis. The Friends of HH&H of course cannot be all things to all people, yet we aim to provide what help we can, when we can.

shechen hospice patientKumari’s Story – When we first met Kumari, she was a patient in Shechen Hospice. She had been raped, inhaled poison, and retreated to her bed for so long that she had developed terrible bedsores. Worse, she had given up all hope of life.

kumari in transit 2013Friends of HH&H have taken Kumari under their wing, initially providing comfort, additional nutrition, supplements and support. As she improved, a wheelchair was provided to facilitate her mobility. Kumari improved to the point where she was no longer considered a palliative care patient and a new home was needed.

Kumari 2014The Friends helped her find a place in a residential care home and supported her ongoing rehabilitation and medical needs.

Wheel Difference Chairs

Through NAHOH’s connections, the Friends of HH&H was asked if we could assist a family where a brother and sister were in need of new wheelchairs.

hearingnepal wheel differenceDevina & Yogesh used to have to share the “wheeled chair” but now have folding wheelchairs of their own so they can be mobile inside & outside their home. They were also recipients of some very fluffy comforts!

Wheeled wheel chairThe replaced wheel chair (or should we say wheeled chair – see right) would not fit through narrow doors – but will now go to a new owner who can use it. And the blessings pass on & on.

Fluffy Comforts

hearing nepal fluffy comfortsOur guiding principle is to be of benefit to all sentient beings, and we believe this includes caring for the spirit as well as the body and mind.

Being a conduit for the caring and concern of others, through delivery of fluffy toys, blankets, hand-knitted jumpers, brings a smile to the faces of those who receive, as well as the knowledge that someone is thinking of them.

toys 5 toys 2 toys 4