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Service Partner – NAHOH

Nepal Association of Hard of HearingNAHOHNepal Association of the Hard of Hearing

The Himalayan Health & Hearing will measure its success in Nepal by the degree of sustainability of the services developed in Nepal. With that aim, the program has been working collaboratively with members and staff from the Nepal Association of the Hard of Hearing since 2009, when joint ear camps to some of the more remote areas of Nepal were commenced.

In conjunction with the formalisation of the HearingNEPAL Program,(now Himalayan Health & Hearing) a Service Partnership Agreement was signed with NAHOH in 2012.
The Nepal Association of the Hard of Hearing is an organization working for the welfare of people who are hard of hearing.  NAHOH was established in 1996, with the joint efforts and team spirit of Nepalese Hard of Hearing persons, with the objective of promoting and developing the hard of hearing community, in a systematic way. This association has been registered at the Kathmandu District Administration Office and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council. Managed by people who are hard of hearing, this association has set its objectives as working for the welfare of the hard of hearing people, “promoting the spirit of affection, unity and mutual co-operation among the hard of hearing persons, preserving their rights, promoting awareness of the hearing community by motivating them, reducing their feelings of hatred and neglecting by others and conducting programs with the purpose of fulfilling the above mentioned objectives.”

NAFA  supports NAHOH through funding of their new, more prominent, premises –  until they are fully self-supporting.

Himalayan Health & Hearing – HearingNEPAL Program (with NAFA and supporter assistance) have powered and equipped their site, such that it is now independent of frequent “load shedding” power surges and spikes – crucial for the longevity of expensive equipment.  We also pay Keshab’s modest wage and have trained and equipped him to fit hearing aids, many of which are supplied from Australia.

One of NAHOH’s key roles is its program of “Ear Camps” – providing primary ear care to rural villages and schools for children with hearing loss. Keshab, their primary ear care worker also joined HH&H – HearingNEPAL Program’s trips, ensuring continuity of care for  people in remote areas.

Education is another key role for NAHOH. A range of Ear Health Posters have been developed, which are donated to the Communities to promote good hygiene and ear care. They have been produced in the Nepali language, as well as providing graphic illustrations of the target message, to offer the best access to this information for all members of the community.

These  images demonstrate Keshab at work running ear camps. His roles include education for healthy ears, assessment of ear health, primary ear care such as wax removal,  referral for appropriate medical treatment as required, hearing assessments and now fitting of donated hearing aids, including manufacture of custom ear moulds.

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