Thank you for supporting Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc.

Himalayan Health & Hearing’s operating expenses are fully paid by one generous donor and all Australian volunteers costs are covered by the volunteers themselves.

That means that every dollar or euro you donate goes entirely to our projects.

Thank You

Thank You

How is your money spent?

A brief summary of the type of purchases made from public donations or borrowed monies is below.
This does not include donations of equipment by suppliers and supporters of the program.

  • Hearing Devices and consumables (batteries, dry aid kits, ear moulds, tubing etc)
  • Medical expenses (medicines for ear camps)
  • Power supplies (batteries, inverters etc)
  • Audiology Equipment – for Kathmandu base, remote camps and outlying hubs in Dhanusha, Ladakh, Lumbini.
  • Equipment parts & disposables
  • Travel Expenses for staff (all volunteers pay their own way and contribute to the travel expenses of staff)
  • Purchase, maintenance and running expenses of Vehicles ( 4WD vehicle for remote camps and scooters for local primary ear camps and education programs)
  • Wages – staff in Kathmandu, Dhanusha and Ladakh.

Who Benefits?

Remote Ear Camps

As of July 2016, 10, 694 people have been seen by Himalayan Health & Hearing / HearingNEPAL program on remote area ear camps. Of this number, 4764 were children under 21 and 982 hearing aids or assistive listening devices have been fitted.
For a detailed breakdown, read the report HERE.