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Membership of Himalayan Health & Hearing

  • Himalayan Health & Hearing is an Incorporated Association and holds public liability insurance in the amount of $10 million for Australian activities. It manages the HearingNEPAL Program.
  • Membership is open to anyone who shares the values and goals of Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc.
  • Application for membership can be made through the online form or the application form (pdf) downloaded HERE.  All applications must be approved by the management committee.
  • Membership may be resigned at any time, in writing.
  • The management committee may terminate a members membership if the member—
    • is convicted of an indictable offence; or
    • does not comply with any of the provisions of these rules; or
    • conducts himself or herself in a way considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the association.
  • Before the management committee terminates a members’ membership, the committee must give the member a full and fair opportunity to show why the membership should not be terminated.
  • If, after considering all representations made by the member, the management committee decides to terminate the membership, the secretary of the committee must give the member a written notice of the decision.
  • A register of members is maintained by the Secretary of Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc.
  • The privacy of members details will be maintained at all times.

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