HearingNEPAL Program

The HearingNEPAL Program has evolved over the past two years and has now obtained  charitable status and endorsement as a Donor Gift Recipient in Australia, which will facilitate future fundraising.

In 2014, to expand our inclusiveness to other areas in the Himalayan region, HearingNEPAL Program Inc. changed its name to Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc.

At the grass roots level, little has changed, and Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc. will continue to run the HearingNEPAL Program in Nepal. It will now also be running Ear, Hearing and Health projects within the broader region.

Sue and Lew

Sue and Lew Tuck

lew and Sue from Whitsunday Hearing, Queensland, Australia

lew is an engineer/audiometrist with over 30 years exper