Primary Ear Care Camps

hearingnepal ear campsPrimary Ear Care Camps remain the backbone of the HearingNEPAL Program & Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc.

We support regular Ear Care clinics run in the Kathmandu valley through NAHOH and Shechen Clinic & Hospice, as well as running camps in remote areas of Nepal and surrounding Himalayan regions.

Between January 2010 and July 2014, Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc. – HearingNEPAL Program has supported 25 Ear / Ear & Eye Camps, providing life-changing services to over 6000 people, half of whom were children.


Hearing & Health Camps

HH&H Our new banner for joint health & hearing camps

As part of the growth of Himalayan Health & Hearing, we now support joint Hearing & Health camps in conjunction with NAHOH & Shechen Clinic & Hospice.

These camps are run, on request, in the Kathmandu valley and provide recipients with access to primary ear care, hearing rehabilitation and medical treatment in local, easily accessible venues.

From August 2014 to January 2015, 31 joint camps were run, with 2720 clients seen.

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Team Safe Transport

hearingnepal team safe transportThe safety of our teams on remote ear camps is of paramount concerns. Roads in many regions are a work in progress and securing a reliable and suitable vehicle for each trip can be a challenge.

Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc. has therefore purchased a suitable vehicle, that is be available for remote ear camps as well as Keshab, when needed, for his ear camps in the Kathmandu area.

A private loan, with an achievable repayment plan, has been secured to purchase the vehicle so that the team’s safety can be ensured while fundraising continues.

Cochlear Parts Support

hearingnepal cochlear supportThere is now a growing Cochlear Implant Program in Nepal, with surgery and mapping of processors now available in Kathmandu. All Cochlear Implants must be privately funded, however, and without working parts, mapping (fine tuning) cannot be performed and the implant is of no use.

Himalayan Health & Hearing is working with local Cochlear Implant Services to supply donated spare parts at an affordable price for those who cannot afford to purchase new parts.

Working parts in good condition can be sent to

Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc.
PO Box 599
Cannonvale, QLD 4802