Major Sponsors

whitsunday hearingWhitsunday Hearing & Burdekin Hearing

Sue and Lew Tuck from Whitsunday Hearing in Airlie Beach, and Burdekin Hearing in Ayr,  Queensland, Australia are the founders and driving force behind the Himalayan Health & Hearing.

They started the HearingNEPAL Program in 2009 after becoming aware of the need for hearing services in the remote hill country regions of Nepal, and have developed it into a collaborative association whose goal is to secure services for the future.

Whitsunday Hearing supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through:-

  • Sponsorship of office costs of Himalayan Health & Hearing in Australia. The Whitsunday Hearing  staff are the backbone of Himalayan Health & Hearing admin in Australia.
  • Loan of equipment to the program
  • Sponsorship of staff airfares to Nepal
  • Sponsorship of consumables used in Nepal – including hearing aids, moulds etc
  • Actively promoting the objectives of the Himalayan Health & Hearing in Australia and overseas.

NAFANepal Australia Friendship Association

The Nepal Australia Friendship Association (NAFA) was formed in January 1989 as the Australian Nepal Friendship Association (ANFA) Queensland. The name was changed to NAFA in 1993. NAFA is a Brisbane based non-political, non-profit, volunteer organisation without religious affiliation. Our aim is to improve the well being of individuals and communities in Nepal with an emphasis on women and children. NAFA has a proven track record in supporting sustainable, grass roots community development projects in Nepal in both rural and urban areas.

NAFA has supported Himalayan Health & Hearing through: –

  • Direct donations of funds, with a recent commitment to ongoing funding for the next three years
  • Collaboration in ear camp projects
  • Ongoing support for NAHOH.
  • Active promotion of Himalayan Health & Hearing and its objectives.

Bernafon AustraliaBernafon Australia

Bernafon Australia supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through: –

  • Promotion of the HearingNEPAL Program on their web site
  • Donation of equipment used in Nepal
  • Reconditioning of Bernafon hearing aids
  • Provision of earmoulds for Nepal at no cost
  • Sponsorship of NAHOH staff wages.
  • Actively promoting the objectives of the Himalayan Health & Hearing.

Macrossan & Amiet SolicitorsMaccrossan & Amiet Solicitors

Macrossan & Amiet Solicitors have supported Himalayan Health & Hearing through :-

  • Donation of time and legal expertise
  • Compilation of the Rules for HearingNEPAL Program Incorporation
  • Ongoing legal advice and support with HNP’s AusAID application

GN Otometrics AustraliaGN Otometrics

GN Otometrics supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through: –

    • Maintaining and calibrating our equipment for Nepal with good heart
    • Bargain price equipment supply and set up
    • Actively promoting the objectives of the Himalayan Health & Hearing.

Phoenix Web & Graphic DesignPheonix Design

Katie White of Pheonix Design and The Stillpoint

    • Is responsible for Himalayan Health & Hearing’s website and graphic design.
    • Donation of time and expertise in updating the website and assisting with Management Committee paperwork.

Supporters – Nepal

joy foundationJoy Foundation Nepal

Joy Foundation Nepal(JOY) is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 1996. As the name already implies, JOY was formed as an initiative to “Share the JOY of Giving” by a team of benevolent, philanthropic and socially committed businessmen. The main focus was right from the beginning on eye care, esp. eye camps and cataract surgeries in cooperation with Tilganga Eye Center. Over the years JOY has been involved in various further activities, such as health camps, training programs, emergency support, student scholarships and environmental projects (i.e. cleaning and sanitation programs) etc., always focusing on people that are especially challenged, disadvantaged, discriminated or socially and economically deprived.

JOY has established an efficient network of organizations specialized on issues mentioned above. This made it possible to organize health and education programs all over the year. In Nepal Australia Friendship Association (NAFA) JOY has a strong international Partner to cooperate on various programs and assist their Members during their yearly stay in Nepal and in monitoring their activities during their absence.

Joy Foundation has been supporting the HearingNEPAL program since 2009 by providing

  • Support staff
  • Office Space
  • Translation Help
  • General Support

Supporters – Australia

Sonic InnovationsSonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through: –

  • Donation of equipment to the program, used by NAHOH including Ultra Vac and Video Otoscope equipment
  • Donation of 20 new hearing aids

Word of Mouth technologiesWord of Mouth Technology

Word of Mouth Technology supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through: –

  • Providing expert advice and support on Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
  • Heavily discounting the cost of ALDs purchased by the program.
  • Donation of ALDs additional to the above
  • Actively promoting the objectives of the HearingNEPAL Program.

Docs Pro Plugs AustraliaDocs ProPlugs Australia

Docs ProPlugs Australia supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through: –

  • Discounts on the supply of stock ear moulds

Oticon AustraliaOticon Australia

Oticon supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through:-

  • Donation of ear hooks for hearing aids.

Siemens AustraliaSiemens Australia

Siemens supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through:-

  • Donation of ear hooks for hearing aids

port macquarie acoustics logoPort Macquarie Acoustics

Mel Gray -Thompson from Port Macquarie Acoustics supports Himalayan Health & Hearing through:-

  • donation of  Assistive Listening Devices to be fitted in Dhanusha & Ladakh.

AH logoAustralian Hearing

Australian Hearing centres, particularly Canberra & Cairns have provided support by collecting second-hand hearing aids and assistive devices for use by Himalayan Health & Hearing.

Just a few of the beneficiaries…