Shechen Women’s Reproductive Health Program

shechen pop programHimalayan Health & Hearing  has been operating in remote areas of Nepal and India since 2010. Sadly we see other suffering  and we cannot walk away without an intense desire to do something about it.

In 2015 Himalayan Health & Hearing committed to raising the AU$17,000 needed to fund the Shechen Women’s Reproductive Health Program  in the  Dhanusha district of Nepal for the year.

This program was delivered by Nepali-run organizations, with whom we have established clear partnership agreements … Read the detailed program plan HERE

Our contribution to this program paved the way for HHH to visit the Dhanusha district and provide ear health & hearing rehabilitation camps, as well as set up a training arrangement with a local woman who will carry on our work as an ear health worker. Read more about our work in Dhanusha HERE

While HHH will not be sponsoring another year’s project, you can make donations directly to Karuna-Shechen HERE.